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WorldsEducations Group is a universal ‘virtual square’ for students, universities and schools in over 200 countries. Interested students can find full, accurate information on a wide range options, of studying abroad programs. Meanwhile schools and universities are exposing themselves in the right place, to the right audience.

Our vision: To help students find their dream universities.

WorldsEducations Essential Team

Julian Carter

Team Manager

Ella Lundin

Digital Marketing Specialist

Lillian Moore

Key Account Manager

James Hill

Marketing Manager

Scarlett Adams

Team Lead / Content Manager

Eleanor Rivera


About Worlds Educations Group (WEG)

WorldsEducations is part of WorldsEducations Group. It leads the marketing strategies of making obvious and bringing closer to the students, schools and universities from all around the globe. Our main goal is to bring competitive online services, schools and university programs, information and advantages, visits and education fairs.

WEG is operating in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, US. We are 155 people who work in different job positions making possible to meet the needs of students and pupils. Our main purpose is to help students find the university which meet their expectations and we are very happy when we see these students as leaders in the future.

We compete, we get awarded.

“EdTech Europe 20″ Finalist- 2013, 2014

We were excited to be part of “EdTech Europe 20″. We made it to be finalist two years in a raw, in 2013 and 2014. We were awarded as Top 20 fastest growing and innovation pursuers company in Europe.

Gazelle Company' 6 TIMES.

We are six times winner of the honored price in the industry ‘Gazelle Company’. It is awarded by the Dagens Industri, which means that we are a fast-growing company and complete all the conditions to qualify as a Gazelle.

Executive Board and Management Team


Brandon Olsson, Ashton Lundin, Ashley Andersson


Brandon Olsson


Ashton Lundin


Ashley Andersson


Braxton Berg


Alyssa Lin


Waylon Holmberg


Our Path

We started our journey 15 years ago. We started for the same reason we struggled that time to find out the top universities abroad our country, so we could start our educational jurney outside the country. We realized that there were no platforms which brought closer university programs, schools’ description. We decided to be what we couldn’t find. Due to this successful idea, today WEG is worldwide helping millions of students finding their potential and address it to the right university.

COVID-19: We stay by your side, more than ever during these times.

We aim to make your studying abroad experience, a safe and secure journey. Find out how we are assisting our users.

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