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How Studying Abroad Prepares You For A Career
In determining whether or not to take your studies abroad, have you taken the time to consider how studying abroad can help you professionally? According to Aspasia Chysopoulou, who studied abroad in both Brussels and Stockholm, says her study abroad experiences have transformed her into a "compe ...
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Studying Abroad in Turkey: International Student Adviser Interview
''I recommend going and experiencing things rather than sticking to your orientation booklets.'' Emre Çakır Can you talk a little bit about what you did as an international student adviser from 2009-2014? I worked at the Office of International Relations at Boğaziçi Un ...
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Study Abroad Advice for Iranian Students
Many Iranian students would like to study abroad but some of them aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. If you’re from Iran and interested in studying abroad, has some advice to help you in the process of finding your ideal international program. Keep calm and enjoy your s ...
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5 Reasons To Use Your University's Career Services
A surprising number of university students (both native and international) fail to utilize one particularly beneficial resource available to them throughout their studies - their university's career services! Most major universities will have a team of dedicated professionals whose job is to chat w ...
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