Study Abroad Advice for Iranian Students

Many Iranian students would like to study abroad but some of them aren’t sure how to do it or where to start. If you’re from Iran and interested in studying abroad, has some advice to help you in the process of finding your ideal international program.

Keep calm and enjoy your student visa.

Student visas have been a big issue and a stressful process for Iranians in recent years. Here are a few tips for you to reduce your stress during the visa process.
  • Pay attention to the list of required documents and all of the detailed specifications about the photo and forms.
  • Make sure that you have prepared all required documents the night before the interview, and be on time for the interview.
  • Getting a visa usually takes time, especially in high season, so make sure that you have plenty of time so that you won’t be stressed about deadlines.

The admission process takes time.

Iranian students need to be punctual from the day they apply to a school abroad.
  • Don’t leave anything until the last minute, and don’t postpone completing your documents.
  • Pay attention to the deadlines, and remember that the sooner you send your documents to the school, the better.
  • Keep in mind that a lot can happen unexpectedly and you don’t want to lose your chance to study abroad.
The admission process takes time and you have to remain patient during this process. Live your life as usual until you hear back from the school.

Is lELTS your concern?

Some people are not eager to learn a new language and as soon as they realize that they need to take an English test for their program of interest, they may feel dissuaded from studying abroad! If you want to study abroad at an undergraduate or postgraduate level, you have to take an international language test. There are a number of excellent English Language courses abroad that will help you achieve the required score. If you want to prepare for the test in Iran, be careful with IELTS preparation courses with false claims. Look for the courses with a good reputation or hire a qualified private teacher, because you don’t want to waste time and money on courses that won’t get you where you need to go. Being a bit picky can help you ensure a good result! Finally, when you find a qualified teacher, don’t forget to practice a lot. You can improve your language skills by watching movies, reading books, and doing all your research in English instead of Persian.

Are you worried about funding abroad?

Are you worried about the expenses and tuition fees? If you take a little time to do research, you could be able to find scholarships and other funding. Some universities offer scholarships specifically for Iranian students. You can also study for free in some countries such as Norway. All you need is a little research and patience.

Ladies, don’t be afraid!

Many Iranian women are afraid of studying abroad and being on their own as they have been supervised for a lifetime. Since they haven’t experienced independence and freedom in life, they have their own fears of living alone and far from their families. Our advice to all Iranian women who want to study abroad is: dare to step out of your comfort zone and be strong! Studying and living abroad helps you grow and gives you many exciting experiences. Take the chance to be free and independent. You’ll still have support when you are abroad because you’ll be in touch with your family and you’ll meet and make friends with international students who are just like you.

Be open to cultural differences.

Since Iran has one of the oldest cultures in the world, it can make people a bit reluctant to accept any other culture. Every country has its own traditions and culture, and accepting the culture and language can give students an enjoyable international experience. Be open for change and adapt yourself to the new culture. Learn about their culture and let others know about the positive aspects of your culture. Being open to change doesn’t mean that you’ve forgotten your culture and country, instead it means that you respect diversity.

Be emotionally independent.

Family is a strong concept among Iranians and most Iranians are emotionally dependent on their family. In fact, they can’t even imagine staying away from their family for a long period of time. In order to study abroad you should be prepared for the possible challenges, especially missing your friends and family. Remember that missing family is a part of the journey. We all love our families and it doesn’t make us bad people to leave them to study abroad. What you can do is accept this change and do your best to enjoy your journey. In the end, you’ll appreciate your family better when you see them again.

Always have a backup plan.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You never know what will happen in the future. In other words, there is no guarantee that a political issue or financial crisis will not affect your plans. Bear in mind that it is possible that your visa will get rejected or the university you chose  won’t grant you admission. So, be prepared and have a backup plan. Apply to more than one school in at least two countries, and keep your options open. In this way you can make sure that no matter what happens, you’ll reach your goal of studying abroad.

Be patient!

As an international student, you should be aware that migration requires patience. When you decide to study abroad, you should prepare yourself to face the possible challenges. We all have the days when we are tired and want to give up. Keep motivating yourself and push yourself towards your goal. Never forget what your goals are and never give up on them!

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